“A simple rule dictates my buying: Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.”

    - Warren Buffett
  • “ To obtain better than average investment results over a long pull requires a policy of selection or operation possessing a twofold merit: (1) It must meet objective or rational tests of underlying soundness; and (2) it must be different from the policy followed by most investors or speculators.”

    - Benjamin Graham

    “Other than the overall direction of the market, the cycle between Growth and Value has more explanatory power than anything. It’s the most powerful force in the capital markets.””

    - Dr. Laurence Siegel
    Director of Investment Research
    Ford Foundation of New York

    "Stocks are fundamentally less risky than bonds, not only because their returns have been consistently higher than those of bonds over the long run but also because less uncertainty surrounds the long term return investors can expect on the basis of past history.”

    - Peter Bernstein
  • Compound Interest --
      Mankind’s Greatest Invention!

    - attributed to Albert Einstein

Welcome to The Burney Company

The Burney Company is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor established in 1974. We’ve helped guide investors through booms and busts, recessions and expansions. Burney’s structured fundamental approach to equity analysis and portfolio management drives our investment process.

You have dreams to achieve…ambitions to realize. Perhaps you desire a comfortable retirement, an outstanding education for your children, or simply the opportunity to strengthen your financial positions. Whatever your long-term goals, The Burney Company will endeavor to help you meet them.

Investment Management Services

The Burney Master Portfolio

A traditional approach to investing with a focus on solid, undervalued stocks.


Size and Style Responsive (SSR)

SSR is a proprietary strategy based on the Style Analysis principles of Nobel laureate William Sharpe.

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Leadership for the Long Term

“ Common stocks offer exceptional opportunity for financial gain, particularly when combined with careful stock selection and skilled portfolio management.”
- Jack Burney, Chairman/Founder, The Burney Company